NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

Plakat zur Ausstellung Peter Lindbergh - Images of Women, 31 .07. - 03.10.1999
Motiv von Erwin Wurm aus der Ausstellung Chic Clicks, 08.03. - 01.06.2003
Blick in die Ausstellung Video, 24.01. - 18.04.2004
Blick in die Ausstellung Mario Testino: Out of fashion, 21.04. - 20.05.2007
Blick in die Ausstellung Mario Testino: Out of fashion, 21.04. - 20.05.2007
Eine Installation aus der Ausstellung Catwalks - Die spektakulärsten Modenschauen, 26.07. - 01.11.2009


»We live in a moment, in which all art directions meet at the same time and place and in which the NRW-Forum, with it’s program, fashion, art and photography encompasses itself as a pioneer of this moment..«
Mario Testino

From the beginning the NRW-Forum was on a quest to consciously show exhibitions that broke out of the historical principal of art museums and that guaranteed a unique position in this arena. On the one hand via the content itself but also through the communication with it’s audiences.
At first we named this umbrella an ‘intersection’ – an idea somewhere between art and commerce; fashion and photography; musical clips and video art.

In this decade, convergence represents, a generic term (originating from the world of innovation and media) that brings together areas that were once separated. The fusing together of TV and Internet is addressed along with melting boundaries of painting and photography.

Convergence tendencies can also be observed in other disciplines such as in architecture where the facades become screens for the moving picture. Or where in fashion, for instance in the NRW-Forum Catwalks exhibition of Alexander McQueen, when theatre, performance and fashion interfuse together; or when, as in Hussein Chalayan, theatre and sculpture permeate one another.
The term ‘convergence’ means, in all it’s various definitions, the merging together of various commercial business models; the penetration of media sources as well as the merging together aesthetic forms. Convergence is a development that will shape and alter the economy and aesthetic of the coming years.

»Few other institutions succeed in the alliance between art, fashion, design, architecture, the new medias, discourse and economy to such an extent as elegantly” Vogue wrote, and claimed further “The NRW-Forum guides fashion, art and photography into a dialogue.«


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