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Olaf Breuning

11/06/2016 – 21/08/2016

Retrospective | Photography | Video | Drawings

Olaf Breuning is known for his impressive pictorial worlds and his ironic views on a reality that is shaped by the media. Over a space of more than 600 square metres, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf will dedicate the biggest retrospective to date, including all important work cycles from the past 15 years

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Olaf Breuning: Life II, 2015, Photo / Courtesy Olaf Breuning / Metro Pictures
Planet B - 100 Ideen für eine neue Welt / Bild: Labor Fou

“Planet B – 100 ideas for a new world”

02/06 - 21/08/2016

Utopias | Art for the 22nd century | living exhibition

The international group exhibition “Planet B – 100 ideas for a new world” engages with the radical changes of our planet – and looks for a plan B for the future we are all dreaming of. 500 years after Thomas Morus’ novel Utopia, artists, designers, architects, scientists and entrepreneurs present their utopias for the 22nd century.

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.ftlbr # 3: Ralf Brueck


Young Photography | Düsseldorfer Schule | New Color Photography

With the third show in the new exhibition format .ftlbr we will be showcasing Ralf Brueck, a young exponent of the Düsseldorf School of Photography. Besides works from his series "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft“ [German American Friendship], in which the Düsseldorf School meets influences from New Color Photography, the exhibition will also show new cycles of works that are concerned with digital manipulation.

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Ralf Brueck: A day after tomorrow, 2011 © Ralf Brueck



#digitaldetox und gemeinsames Yoga beim fünften #Internetstadl diesen Freitag um 19 Uhr!📵 #yannikvalgesto @leon_sadler, 28. June 2016, ♥ 34

Internetstadl #5: Digital Detox: Warrior Pose

With Yannick Val Gesto & Leon Sadler


On the occasion of the fifth Internetstadl we renounce digital
devices completely in order to reset and relax our mental machines....

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Horst Wackerbarth: heimat.nrw


Retrospective | Home| Red Couch worldwide

For over 30 years Horst Wackerbarth has been bringing a piece of home to the world, by photographing people on his red couch. Now he’s returning to his actual home town, together with his legendary piece of furniture. The NRW-Forum is dedicating an extensive retrospective to his twelve red couch projects, as well as showcasing unseen portraits of his series called heimat.nrw.  

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Horst Wackerbarth Rabbiner Yaacov Zinvirt Israel © Horst Wackerbarth
Planet B Cover

Publication Planet B

The publication accompanying the exhibition „Planet B – 100 ideas for a new world“ is a collection of different ideas for a new world – a Planet B. The most visionary artists, designers, architects, writers and futurologists in the world present their political, poetic, odd and radical ideas for a new world.  

Contributions by Rachel Armstrong, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Ernst Bloch, Stewart Brand, Brad Downey, Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil, Chusz Martínez, Niklas Maak, Lucy McRae, Philippe Rahm, raumlaborberlin, Tomás Saraceno, Space Caviar, Jakob Tigges, Friedrich von Borries and many more.

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Olaf Breuning Cover

Monograph Olaf Breuning

Photography, videos, installations, drawings and paintings – the Swiss artist Olaf Breuning, who lives in New York, likes experimenting with different mediums and fathoms the borders of humor and contemporary aesthetics. Accompanying the exhibition, his first extensive monograph is being published. It will be released on June 7th 2016.

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