Christiane Peschek: EDEN 2020 Smartphone-Retreat, Interaktive Installation, Courtesy of the Artist © Christiane Peschek


27/8/21 - 9/1/22

The world is changing: between global catastrophes and rapid technological progress, humankind is creating new digital spaces for dreams and utopias. The exhibition Willkommen is an immersive, interactive project that transports you into fictional worlds between utopia and dystopia.

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As of 1.11.2021, the 2G rule (recovered or vaccinated) applies to visitors to the NRW-Forum. For children under the age of 18, the 3G rule applies (vaccinated, recovered or tested negative). You can find all rules applying here.

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AR Biennale

22/8/21 - 20/2/22

Augmented reality is one of the most important topics of the future. Twenty international artists have been invited to create new site-specific works.

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Upcoming Exhibitions
Katerina Kamprani: Fork with Chain, 2015, The Uncomfortable © Katerina Kamprani

Subversive design

11/02 - 22/05/2022

Subversive design is critical design. It doesn’t offer any direct solutions. Instead, it questions the classical system’s status quo. From February 11 to May 22, 2022, the group exhibition transforms the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf into a “critical department store”.

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Photographs by Matthias Schaller

11/02 - 22/05/2022

Reflective visors of astronaut helmets, desolate studios and abandoned offices in the Vatican: absence is the foundational motif in the work of photographer Matthias Schaller. He portrays people by avoiding their direct gaze. With some 100 works the exhibition presents the photographer’s unconventional portraits, which capture his limitless curiosity for the world, the people, and the art around him.

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Matthias Schaller Disporträts DIS 1 2010 Matthias Schaller
Frauke Dannert: Altar, 2009 © Frauke Dannert


Made in Düsseldorf #4: Frauke Dannert / Irmel Kamp / Isa Melsheimer / Arne Schmitt

11/02 - 13/03/2022

Made in Düsseldorf is an exhibition series by the NRW-Forum in cooperation with the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. It is dedicated to contemporary artists who are connected to Düsseldorf and the Rhineland. The fourth edition takes up architectural-theoretical questions from four artistic standpoints: Frauke Dannert, Irmel Kamp, Isa Melsheimer and Arne Schmitt.

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