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The NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is a cultural centre for the whole family. We attach special importance to imparting knowledge, cultural education and active participation, particularly in the areas of media skills and technology appreciation. What matters to us is an assured but critical approach to the latest cultural tools, especially also in relation to the Internet. All exhibitions have an accompanying comprehensive learning programme for adults and school students that enables intensive engagement with the artistic subject matter and current topics.

Guided Tours and Workshops

Guided tours for adults and school students through one or more of the in-house exhibitions can be booked for a date of your choice, with or without a workshop.

Guided tour (EN/DE/FR, 45-60 min): 
75 Euro + entrance, max. 25 parcitipants

Guided tour for school classes (DE, 45-60 Min): 
60 Euro entrance incl., max. 25 pupils, free entrance for one teacher

Free guided tour (DE): 
Every last Friday of the month, 6 pm (no booking)

Digital Workshop

In our new digital workshop, in collaboration with students of computer science from Düsseldorf University, children and adolescents will be able to concentrate on simple programming languages, robotics and interactive hardware. They will leave behind the role of simple consumers and learn how to work actively and creatively with digital technologies. 

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Creative Coding I - with MaKeyMaKey (6-9 years)
Tuesdays 4.45 pm – 6 pm, Start: Tue, 5.9., 7 sessions, max. 15 people, Euro 70, Trainer: Moritz Fuchshofer (student of computer science at Düsseldorf University)

Creative Coding II – Build a robot (10-14 years)
Wednesdays, 4.45 pm – 6 pm, Start: Wed, 6.9., 7 sessions, max. 15 people, Euro 70, Trainer: Michelle Werth (student of computer science at Düsseldorf University)

Creative Coding III - Workshop for families, school classes or birthdays, sessions freely bookable (always between 11 am -15 pm), Euro 90 for school classes, Euro 110 for famlilies, max. 12 people

Creative Coding IV - Hack Lab (15-18 years)
Thursdays 17 pm - 18.15 pm, Start: Thu, 31.8., 7 sessions (6 sessions at NRW-Forum, 1 session at Open Space Super7000), max. 20 people, Euro 70 incl. materials, Trainer: Martin (GarageLab e.V.)

Creative Coding I - with MaKeyMaKey (6-8 years)

Play the piano with bananas, or steer Super Mario with play-dough - MaKey MaKey is a technology that turns everyday things into touch-sensitive surfaces with which you can operate programs, games and websites. A circuit board is connected to a computer, your own body and all possible conductive objects via a cable, USB and crocodile clips. When you touch the object that has been hooked up the circuit is completed and thus the object works like a keyboard or a mouse and sends instructions to the computer. Workshop participants will invent their own MaKey MaKey musical instruments. They will develop the functions of their instruments by themselves, become acquainted with the physical laws and principles of programming and playfully explore creative exchange processes between the body and technology.

Creative Coding II – Build a robot (9-14 years)

Lego comes alive. Tinkerbots are small robots that can be put together however you choose using various building blocks. The robots can be controlled via an app and you can teach them all possible movement sequences. Workshop participants will experiment with the modular building set, build their own Tinkerbots and learn something about robotic technology, sensorics and programming while they themselves teach their Tinkerbots how to walk.

Creative Coding IV - HackLab (15-20 years): Whitehat-Hacking for a better world!

Teaching teenagers about hacking? Absolutely! Hacking can cause damage that’s why it is important to know all about it and not to leave the field to the hackers with bad intentions, the so-called “Blackhats”!  Teenagers between the ages 15 and 20 years will learn about the “Whitehat-Hacking” in the Hack Lab of the Digital Workshop: responsible hacking for a better world. They will be taught about the current situations, get to know the tools, learn about the differences between Whitehats and Blackhats and learn about the Darknet. They will also get basic knowledge about Linux, practice small software-hacks and build a “USB Rubber Ducky” which they will be able to keep. There are no programming knowledges necessary to participate, only basic computer knowledges. Laptops will be provided.


Workshop: VR glasses out of cardboard  
to accompany the “Unreal: A Virtual Reality Exhibition“ (25.5 - 30.7.17) 

Virtual reality is currently one of the very important themes in the entertainment industry and in art.  VR glasses such as HTC Vive are currently still quite expensive, however, there are reasonably priced alternatives for all those who would like to take their first steps in the virtual world.  In this workshop we will be building VR glasses out of cardboard - known as cardboards - into which you can simply place your own smartphone. Then, all you need to do is to install a VR app and you can begin to explore virtual reality. The craft materials will be provided, please bring along your own smartphones.

Guided tour + workshop for groups: 90 minutes, max. 25 people, Cost: Euro 90 + Euro 10 for materials for children and adolescents; Euro 110 + Euro 10 for materials for adults 

You can book a workshop + tour for a date of your choice - book online

past projects

Babel in Revers 

As part of the "Kultur und Spracherwerb“ [Culture and Language Learning] programme, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf will be the venue for the BABEL IN REVERS project for young refugees aged between 9 and 17 years. Together with the artist Angelika Vienken, the young people will design smartphone blackboards and create multimedia installations based on memories, personal impressions and wishes, in various languages and using different technologies. At the end, the works will be assembled into a tower that will be a symbol for overcoming language barriers - Babel in Reverse. 

With the kind support of

Art Stalker

Children become art protagonists. Within the framework of the NRW federal state programme "Kultur und Schule" [Culture and School] and in cooperation with the Gymnasium Gerresheim and the artist Angelika Vienken, at present, the ART STALKER project is taking place at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. In the course of guided tours of the current exhibitions, the fifth graders and seventh graders engage with the art works in order to then try out the respective genre themselves.  Previously, after a visit to the "Wackerbarth:" exhibition, they painted their own red sofas so that they could then roam around Düsseldorf as little Wackerbarths and take photos. Within the framework of the "Bling Bling Baby!" exhibition they will really be able to reach into the kitsch box and figure out what art can and may do and how much fun this can be.

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