#ADA - Akademie der Avantgarde / Gestaltung: Drasdos

What do Bitcoin and digital photography, artificial intelligence and pop-culture, cyborgs and internet culture have in common? Everything #ADA! The Academy of the Avant-garde is the NRW Forum’s new mediation project, offering presentations and workshops from the fields of photography and popular as well as digital culture.

All events and workshops are free of charge. Everyone is welcome to actively participate, no matter their age. Everyone is welcome to give their own presentation and become a part of a growing movement. The academy involves sharing knowledge, cultural education, and active participation for a self-assured, yet critical interaction with the cutting-edge of cultural technology in an effort to both further discourse and, naturally, have a ton of fun!


Christine Stender / Bernadette Färber 
E-mail: vermittlung(at)
Tel.: 0211-8926678

Upcoming Events

#ADA-Festival: Rolling Eyes. Feminist Voices, Text and Sound.

09.11.2018, 3 pm

Many ideas are dismissed as feminist moaning because they sound different. They are decried as ideology or conspiracy against the dominant, Western, masculine, white, heterosexual. During the festival we will discuss feminism in a digital, poetic, sonic context.

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Students of the academy of the avant-garde can download their course book for free. Seminar and workshop certificates will be handed out after successful participation at the end of every session and are to be collected in the course book. 

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Manifest Ada
Bullshit Bingo

„Art is shit. Art galleries are toilets. Curators are toilet attendants. Artists are bullshitters.“ (Martin Creed, british artist, 2014)

This is a call to think for oneself. Please consider your own opinion and question what you see. Thank you! The Academy of the Avant-Garde is dedicated to a new way of looking at art and discussing it. Who says that art can only be understood by art people? What are art people? What is art? We do not claim to have the answer to all questions. We just want to create the space to ask these questions. With you, from you and for you, for: Anyone can think - you just have to want it.

Tickets are available at the box office of the NRW-Forum.

#ADA - Academy of the Avant-garde is made possible with the support of the Prof. Otto Beisheim foundation and in cooperation with Musenkuss Düsseldorf.

past education projects

Digital Workshop

In our digital workshop, in collaboration with students of computer science from Düsseldorf University, children and adolescents were able to concentrate on simple programming languages, robotics and interactive hardware. They left behind the role of simple consumers and learn how to work actively and creatively with digital technologies.

Babel in Revers 

As part of the "Kultur und Spracherwerb“ [Culture and Language Learning] programme, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf was the venue for the BABEL IN REVERS project for young refugees aged between 9 and 17 years. Together with the artist Angelika Vienken, the young people designed smartphone blackboards and created multimedia installations based on memories, personal impressions and wishes, in various languages and using different technologies. At the end, the works were assembled into a tower that were a symbol for overcoming language barriers - Babel in Reverse. 

Art Stalker

Children become art protagonists. Within the framework of the NRW federal state programme "Kultur und Schule" [Culture and School] and in cooperation with the Gymnasium Gerresheim and the artist Angelika Vienken, at present, the ART STALKER project took place at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. In the course of guided tours of the current exhibitions, the fifth graders and seventh graders engaged with the art works in order to then try out the respective genre themselves.  Previously, after a visit to the "Wackerbarth:" exhibition, they painted their own red sofas so that they could then roam around Düsseldorf as little Wackerbarths and take photos. Within the framework of the "Bling Bling Baby!" exhibition they were able to reach into the kitsch box and figure out what art can and may do and how much fun this can be.


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