Frauke Dannert: Altar, 2009 © Frauke Dannert

Made in Düsseldorf #4: Frauke Dannert / Irmel Kamp / Isa Melsheimer / Arne Schmitt

February 11 – March 13 2022

Made in Düsseldorf is an exhibition series by the NRW-Forum in cooperation with the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. It is dedicated to contemporary artists who are connected to Düsseldorf and the Rhineland through their studies, their place of residence or artistic interests.

The fourth edition, titled ARCHITEKTUR, takes up architectural-theoretical questions from four artistic standpoints: Frauke Dannert, Irmel Kamp, Isa Melsheimer and Arne Schmitt examine how history is written into architecture, and what influences it has on the people who live in and with it.

Isa Melsheimer: Zwischengebrige 7, 2010, Foto: Marc Latzel
Irmel Kamp: Cour la Soulx, zwischen Henri Chapelle und Battice, 1980 © Irmel Kamp Courtesy: Galerie Thomas Fischer, Berlin
Arne Schmitt: Kunst nach 45, 2011 © Arne Schmitt / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

Between utopian architectural designs and the reality of post-war modernism: four artists explore the theory and history of architecture in terms of content, technology and concept.

While Irmel Kamp photographs the facades of the buildings in their entirety in order to archive and document architecture, Arne Schmitt picks out details of the architecture and negotiates political and social issues. Frauke Dannert is also interested in details in often unloved architecture. She detaches architectural photographs from their context and cuts them up to create entirely new forms. The development of new forms from fragments is also the subject of the work of Isa Melsheimer, who assembles glass fragments to form new objects and question architectural utopias.

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