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#ADA - Akademie der Avantgarde

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#ADA – Academy of the Avant-garde New mediation project at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

Join, participate and become part of a growing movement: NRW-Forum Düsseldorf has developed a new project for cultural education: #ADA - The Academy of the Avant-garde – with presentations and workshops from the fields of photography and popular as well as digital culture, free of charge. Everyone is welcome to actively participate, no matter their age. 

What do Bitcoin and digital photography, artificial intelligence and pop-culture, cyborgs and internet culture have in common? Everything #ADA! The Academy of the Avant-garde is the NRW Forum’s new mediation project, offering presentations and workshops from the fields of photography and popular as well as digital culture. Everyone is welcome to actively participate, no matter their age. Everyone is welcome to give their own presentation and become a part of a growing movement. The academy involves sharing knowledge, cultural education, and active participation for a self-assured, yet critical interaction with the cutting-edge of cultural technology

All events and workshops are free of charge. The aim of the new project is to actively involve visitors of all ages and to enable an access to cultural offerings for as many people as possible. The new mediation project is made possible with the support of the Prof. Otto Beisheim foundation. Additional support is provided by Kulturliste Düsseldorf by mediating cultural offerings to people with low income.

#ADA starts on Dec 8th with the lectures "Augmented Photography", "From Grammophone to Loop", "Go fail yourself. On the political humour of Jan Böhmermann" and "Post-Internet Arts Education". Also, the Dia-show "The Wow Slide Show" returns, Merlin Baum and Sebastian Kleff offer a media-art-workshop and the artist Foto-Schiko offers a glimpse into the world of analogue photography.

Booking and additional information:

Workshop: Man-Machine, don't be upset! 
With Merlin Baum and Sebastian Kleff
Ages 8-88 

Explore the relationship between man and machine at the first #ADA-Workshop with artist, designer, and lecturer Merlin Baum as well as music producer, coder, and sound-generator Sebastian Kleff. What makes a collection of electronic components fulfill their functions? Participants will invent, develop, and meticulously work through the workshop under the direction of the two professionals and out-of-the-box thinkers. Every participant will receive a production-set (including a laptop, smartphone and the appropriate quantity of cables, plates, and sensors). Participation is free of charge, but a fee of 10€ per person for materials will be collected at the first meeting.

Dates: 7x on Fridays, 5pm-7pm (12/8/17, 12/15/17, 1/12/18, 1/19/18, 1/26/18, 2/2/18, 2/19/18) 10 participant maximum capacity

Workshop: Introduction to Analogue photography 
With Foto Schiko
From the age of 16 up

Over 95 million images are uploaded every single day on Instagram alone. At the same time, a return to forms of analogue photography with old school cameras, Instax and Co has become a trend. Why are so many people returning to classical photography? And what is classical photography in the first place? These questions will be answered by Düsseldorf artist Foto Schiko. He will teach you everything from photographic history and technology to practical techniques for photographing, developing, and editing your own images. Please bring an analogue camera with you and purchase a developing tank. You should also bring a contribution fee of 40 to cover the cost of chemicals, production, and printing. At the end of the workshop, you can, of course, take your photos with you!

Dates: Sat 1/6/18 2pm-6pm, Sat 1/20/18 2pm-6pm, Sun 2/4/18 10am-6pm, Sat 2/17/18 2pm-6pm, Sun 3/3/18 2pm-6pm.

Lecture: Augmented Photography With Joël Vacheron Friday, 8/12/2017, 6pm

A battle between digital images dominates the web. Advertising, personal, and artistic images—everything wildly mixed together, divided, and mixed again. These images pervade all contexts and disseminate faster than ever before. The Swiss college ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne holds a symposium and creative research project exploring transformations in the digital world’s photography and streams of images, entitled “Augmented Photography.” The sociologist Joël Vacheron, a lecturer at the ECAL, deals with the role of algorithms in cultural production (Data bots) in his work. He will speak on photography’s new potential and functionality at the NRW Forum. Entrance is free of charge. The presentation will be held in English

Symposion: Go fail yourself. On the political humor of Jan Böhmermann 
With Christoph Bieber and guests
Friday, 1/19/2018, 6pm

Jan Böhmermann was honored by the Grimme Institute for his “personal contribution and merits in breaking barriers on television and the internet,” as well as for “his engaged observations and smart reflections.” No one uses the internet quite like him. No one plays with internet, politics, and audience expectations and reactions quite like him. Is it skillful satire, crude provocation, or intelligent political education? Or is it all of these things at once? Christoph Bieber, professor of ethics in political management and business at the Universität Duisburg-Essen, elucidates the political humor of Jan Böhmermann in his presentation. Entrance is free of charge.

Lecture: Post-Internet Arts Education 
With Torsten Meyer
Friday, 1/26/2018, 6pm

How should twenty-first century arts look like? The project Post-Internet Arts Education at the Institut für Kunst and Kunsttheorie at the Universität zu Köln considers the changing conditions of arts education and cultural media education on the horizon of the “internet state of mind,” formative in the education of the digital native generation. The goal is to develop education theories and strategies in response to artistic and medial innovations of the twenty-first century. Torsten Meyer is an arts educator, Professor of Art and Education in Cologne. He will present the current findings of the PIAE-research. The “Because Internet” conference is planned for the Spring of 2018 in Cologne and an international congress at the NRW-forum for the Spring of 2019. Entrance is free of charge.

Event: The Wow Slide Show #2: Josefine Raab
Friday, 2/2/2018

The Live-Slideshow is back! Up-and-coming photographers and select experts present their slides to an enthusiastic audience. The second edition of the new event format will be curated by gute-aussichten co-founder Josefine Raab. Everyone is welcome to apply by 1/28/2018 at info(at) Fifteen photographers in total, from amateur to professional, will receive the opportunity to present their slideshows. Entrance and participation is free of charge. 

#ADA is organized by Christine Stender and Bernadette Färber and designed by Katharina Drasdo.


#ADA - Academy of the Avant-garde is made possible with the support of the Prof. Otto Beisheim foundation and in cooperation with Kulturliste Düsseldorf.


It is permissible to use at no charge the pictorial material listed here for topic-oriented reporting (in print- and online-media as well as via social-media channels) and with inclusion of the indicated photo credit. The exemption from utilization fees expires six weeks after the end of the exhibition.

In the case of an article or reprint, we would be pleased to receive a copy at or NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Pressestelle, Ehrenhof 2, 40479 Düsseldorf. Thank you.

#ADA - Akademie der Avantgarde © NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Gestaltung: Drasdos


#ADA - Akademie der Avantgarde © NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Gestaltung: Drasdos


#ADA - Akademie der Avantgarde © NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Gestaltung: Drasdos


#ADA - Akademie der Avantgarde © NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Gestaltung: Drasdos


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