Ego Update - das Buch

Ego Update - The Book

Publisher: Alain Bieber, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf
Edited by: Shahin Zarinbal, Sinaida Michalskaja
ISBN: 978-3-86335-831-0
Format (width x height cm): 18 x 26,5, Softcover
Pages: 324
Amount of illustrations (b/w) and (colored): 202 & 254
Language: Deutsch & Englisch
Retail Price: 25 Euro

Every day people take photos of themselves. A staggering amount of selfies rushes through social networks. What do they actually visualize, beyond the mainstream opinion that they are merely narcissistic self-images of a lost generation?

Essays of writers and theorists from various fields such as Jerry Saltz, Douglas Coupland, and Karen Ann Donnachie offer an interdisciplinary approach to the selfie phenomenon an highlight its dimensions, relevance and perspectives. Selfie-reader and exhibition catalogue at the same time this publication is released on the occasion of the exhibition-project "Ego Update. The Future of the Digital Identity" at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, which explores the influence of digital media on the fundamental human question of “Who am I?”.

Texts by

Jerry Saltz, Theresa M. Senft, Adam Levin, Douglas Coupland, Karen ann Donnachie, Daniel Rubinstein, Brooke Wendt, Jo Berlien, Sabria David, Marie Lechner, Filippo Lorenzin, Marco Mancuso, Sandra Vieira Jürgens, Mateo Feijóo, Bram Crevits



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