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Streaming Egos

Identity Convention

January 16 2016


One of humanity's most ancient quests "Who am I?", has now been replaced by the more modern question "Who do I want to be on the net?" Are there any country-specific questions and solutions? Is the internet a global “mainstreamer” or does national and transnational discourse offer room for individual and collective singularity and peculiarity?

The European project Streaming Egos, curated by the Slow Media Institute Bonn and in cooperation with the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, explores the risks, limits and advantages of having a digital identity which is often too far from real life. Coordinated by the Goehte-Institut of Paris, a group of curators ans experts of the digital media sector work with a selected group of thinkers, artists and writers - from each of the participating countries.

The works will be exhibited and presented on 16th January 2016 at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, at the so-called Identity Convention - a day of meetings and debates connected to the exhibtion Ego Update. The Future of the Digital Identity.

During the next few months and throughout the whole of 2016, each country will also contribute to the transnational debate by using the online plattform of the Streaming Egos project.

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Belgium: Marthe Van Dessel (bolwerK), Lucille Calmel, Marijke De Roover, Wim Lambrecht
France: RYBN, Nicolas Maigret, Gwenola Wagon, Jeff Guess
Germany: Enno Park, Martina Pickhardt
Italy: IOCOSE, Salvatore Iaconesi / Oriana Persico, Alterazioni Video (Video Alterations), Silvio Lorusso
Portugal: André Alves, Claudia Fischer, Paulo Mendes, Pedro Portugal
Spain: Plastique Fantastique, Vic Snake, Monoperro, Sonia Gómez, Gichi Gichi Do, Carlos Rod (Editor: La Uña Rota)

National Curators:

Belgium: Bram Crevits (Ghent University College, Belgium)
France: Marie Lechner (Preservation & Art - Media Archaelogy Lab, Avignon)
Germany: Sabria David (Slow Media Institut, Bonn)
Italien: Marco Mancuso, Filippo Lorenzin (Digicult)
Portugal: Sandra Vieira Jürgens (Wrong Wrong & RAUM: online artist residencies)
Spain: Mateo Feijóo (freelance curator)


Saturday, January 16th

10h00 – 10h25: Welcome notes (Alain Bieber, NRW-Forum & Klaus Krischok, Goethe-Institut) | Introduction to the Streaming Egos project and to the convention (Sabria David, Slow Media Institut)

10h25 – 10h35: The body, terrible tool of the digital process – introduction to the work of the Spanish country group

10h35 – 10h45: Introduction to Spoooofing mêmes. Performative infrastructures and interventions (Belgium)

10h45 - 18h00 (ongoing): The body, terrible tool of the digital process – performance (Spain)Spoooofing mêmes. Performative infrastructures and interventions (Belgium)

10h45 – 11h00: The art of difference – introduction to the work of the Italian country group

11h00 – 11h30: Coffee break

11h30 – 12h15: The art of difference - guided tour to the Italian exhibition

12h15 – 12h45: Mutant Geographies - guided tour to the Portuguese exhibition

12h45 - 14h00: Lunch

14h00 – 14h40: The Animal,s Who I am. A conference-performance (Belgium)

14h45 – 15h15: AHA - presentation (France)

15h15 – 16h30: AHA – guided tour to the French installation

16h30 – 17h00: Coffee break

17h00 – 18h00: Long live the Salon! Vive le Salon! (Germany)

Starting from 18h00: Get-together of the project participants and the audience - with mobile performance Extremely local: Nostalgic for reality, video installation The Artist is present (Florian Kuhlmann) and artistic interventions in the Ego update exhibition by students of the FH Düsseldorf (Exhibition Design)

Sunday, January 17th

10h00-16h00: Exhibition "Streaming Egos"

Partners Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Otto Beisheim Stiftung Hoffmann Liebs Max Brown Midtown CCS