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Here you can find all the media-relevant information, images and press material related to the exhibitions, events and projects at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. The image material that is provided may be used free of charge for topic-related reports and if a notice of the respective copyright is included. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or require additional material. If you are not yet on our press release distribution list we would be pleased to add your name to our list. Please send us an e-mail.

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Friday, 11/8/17, 11 a.m.: Press Preview "Erik Kessels & Friends"

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Current Exibitions
Harry Gruyaert. The peloton sweeps into Paris and onto the Place de la Concorde past the Hotel Crillon, France, 1982 © Harry Gruyaert/Magnum Photos

Myth Tour de France

19/05 - 30/07/17

On the occasion of the Grand Départ in Düsseldorf the  international group exhibition will showcase the powerful imagery of the most important bike race in the world. 

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Virtueller Anbau NRW-Forum © Manuel Roßner

Unreal: A Virtual Reality Exhibition

25/05 - 30/07/17

Virtual reality will be one of the major themes in 2017 - for business, the entertainment industry and for art. With its "Unreal“ exhibition, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, as one of the first exhibition venues worldwide, will inaugurate a virtual extension building, on 19 May 2017, in which purely virtual group and solo exhibitions will be presented in the future.

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Coming Up

Annual programme 2017 (PDF)

Erik Kessels: 24Hrs Of Photos © Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels & Friends

12/08/17 - 05/11/17

Erik Kessels ranks among the most important creative professionals in the world. He co-founded the international agency KesselsKramer in Amsterdam and is not only a rock star among advertisers, but also an artist, curator, publicist and a passionate collector of photographs. The Erik Kessels & Friends exhibition, at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, will be the first comprehensive Germany-wide retrospective of this Dutch artist and advertiser who has a preference for the imperfect and the incomplete.

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Volker Hinz, 1989, Nikon auf Tablett © Volker Hinz

living 24/7 - 100 years of Nikon


Photographers and photojournalists are always there capturing history in the making. They have created great icons and have recorded those little moments, too. The exhibition “leben 24/7 – 100 Jahre Nikon“ [living 24/7 - 100 years of Nikon], which starts on 22 September 2017, will be presenting a selection from a century of Nikon photography and will show how, in the course of this, the camera itself became a legend.

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Next Level 2016 NRW-Forum © NRWKS / Foto: B. Babic

Next Level - Festival for Games 2017

09/11 - 12/11/2017

The Next Level has arrived in Düsseldorf. After its successful launch in 2016, in November 2017, the Games Festival will take place for a second time at the NRW-Forum. 

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gute aussichten 2016/2017: Julia Steinigeweg - Ein verwirrendes Potenzial / A Confusing Potential (Abdruck nur mit dem Hinweis: Foto Julia Steinigeweg, Ein verwirrendes Potenzial,

gute aussichten 2017/2018

24.11.2017 - 11.02.2018

The best photography graduates in the country will be gathering together again in Düsseldorf. The grand opening exhibition of the "gute aussichten" award for up-and-coming photographers will take place at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf for the second time. 

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© Land NRW / R. Teller


© NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Foto: Tatjana Ebermann


Ausstellungsansicht Olaf Breuning: Sand Sculpture, 2016 / NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Foto B Babic


Ausstellungsansicht Planet B / NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Foto B. Babic


Ausstellungsansicht Ego Update / Erik Kessels: My Feet, 2015 © NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Foto: Andreas Kuschner / ALIMONIE


Creative Coding II – NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Foto: B. Babci


Alain Bieber / Foto B. Babic


Alain Bieber Foto Ondro Ovesny


Alain Bieber / Foto B. Babic


Alain Bieber © Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Foto Melanie Zanin


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