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17.2. - 26.5.2024

Sneakers are more than just shoes: from a childhood wish to a status symbol, as an object of identification or investment, to a fashion and political statement.

In our exhibition, the small object makes a grand entrance in extraordinary stagings. With a view to the future of sneaker culture, we also present approaches that are critical of consumption and conserve resources.

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Tim Berresheim

New Old World

17.2. - 26.5.2024

In the beginning there was the word, fire and art. With archaic power, the artist Tim Berresheim stages an evolution of man and art in his retrospective.

Early works and new works conceived especially for the exhibition are brought together in a single exhibition. Visitors can immerse themselves in spectacular visual worlds and extraordinary mixed reality installations.

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Videolounge IMAI, Photo: Andreas Endermann

Paradise Tossed

17 February - 23 May 2024

The IMAI – Inter Media Art Institute presents Paradise Tossed, a four-part screening series at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf’s Videolounge. Based on the video of the same name by Jill Scott from 1992, the series brings together works that speculate about dystopian but also hopeful future scenarios from a (queer-)feminist perspective.

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13.9.2024 - 26.1.2025

The eternal battle of good versus evil: superheroes have been saving the world for around 100 years. Comics have always been a playground for crazy ideas. Men and women who can fly or scale walls, read minds and are virtually invincible – anything is possible and imagination is the only limit!

Superheroes embody the wishes, dreams and hopes of humanity and are a collective vision created to defend democracy. These characters have not only become part of a universal pop culture, but have also been successfully integrated into our everyday lives – from fancy dress costumes to mindset coaching for business heroes.

In our increasingly fragile world, isn’t there a need for new superheroes who can serve as representatives of universal values and guardians of peace and justice?

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Zeichnung: R. F. Engel. Aus: „Captain Berlin“ Weissblech Comics von Jörg Buttgereit & Levin Kurio Zeichnung: R. F. Engel. Aus: „Captain Berlin“ Weissblech Comics von Jörg Buttgereit & Levin Kurio
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