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in consideration of the new Corona Protection Ordinance (valid from 29 March 2021) and the current incidence rate in Düsseldorf, the NRW-Forum will remain open for the time being. Time slot tickets for a visit are available in our shop.

Please note the currently changed opening hours of the NRW-Forum.

Please check our website regularly for the latest changes.

There is no negative corona test required.

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Animated, pink and white shimmering unicorn with colorful eyes and a colorful shining horn in front of a building Jonathan Monaghan Disco Beast 2016

#cute. Islands of Happiness?


With more than five hundred million posts on Instagram alone, #cute is one of the most popular hashtags ever. Cute can mean dainty, sweet, or twee, and we come across it in all aspects of life. Animal babies, unicorns, rabbit ears – cuteness is closely related to consumer culture and has not only taken social media by storm, but also product design, advertising, robotics, and art.

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Eingang NRW Forum


Paola Pinna, Rat Cage, 2018, 3D Animation, Courtesy of the Artist © Paola Pinna



The world is changing: between global catastrophes and rapid technological progress, humankind is creating new digital spaces for dreams and utopias. What does it mean to be human in this new world, and what if this dream landscape becomes a nightmare?

The exhibition Willkommen im Paradies (Welcome to Paradise) is an immersive, interactive project that transports visitors into fictional worlds between utopia and dystopia.

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The art of helping
25 years fiftyfifty
Charity Exhibition

The exhibition will be postponed to fall 2021 due to the measures decided upon. All works are still available for purchase on the fiftyfifty website.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the street magazine fiftyfifty is showing a charity sales exhibition at the NRW-Forum with works by Boris Becker, Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Klaus Klinger, Lior Körner, Masakazu Kondo, Katharina Mayer, Jonathan Meese, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth, among others.

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Philharmonic hall in Hamburg situated in a river landscape with reflections of the city of Hamburg on the fassade Candida Hoefer Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Herzog De Meuron Hamburg I 2016