#ADA: Cruising Corpoliteracy
Lecture with Daniel Neugebauer

15.6.18 7-9 pm

How do I read with my body? What does my counterpart read in me? Daniel Neugebauer from the Berlin HKW - House of World Cultures talks about sexuality, pigeonhole thinking, self-alienation and the future of museums. 

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Daniel Neugebauer Foto Marcel De Buck
© Harry Walter

#ADA: Two real time machines
Lecture with Harry Walter

6.7.18 7-9 pm

The transition from the analog to the virtual world is interspersed with numerous paradoxes. One of them is: nothing makes reality more real than the possibility of failure. Anyone who wants to create something that wants to be more real than reality must therefore distance himself as much as possible from success.

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#ADA: Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber: Whose town is this. Photography and Zine Workshop

Sat 23.6. & Sun 24.6., Sat 30.6., Sat 7.7. & Sun 8.7., 2-5.30 pm

Cities change. What is good for everyone and what is good for some? What do I like about my city? What am I missing? Together with the artists Katja Stuke and Oliver, the participants create individual photographic works with which photo zines are produced.

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Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber
Faith Holland, Hello Barbie, video and interactive installation, 2018 © the artist

Curator's Tour: Pendoran Vinci. Art and artificial intelligence today

12.7.18 18-19 Uhr

"PENDORAN VINCI. Art and Artificial Intelligence Today" presents international artistic positions that investigate current developments in artificial intelligence. The exhibition is initiated by Leoni Spiekermann (ARTGATE Consulting) and curated by Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge (peer to space). Tina Sauerländer offers a one-time curator's tour through the exhibition on July 12. 

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