Events : Day of education

Day of education

Education in the digital age

September 14 2019

Lego Level Up 2

How does digitalization change our lives? How will we learn in kindergartens and schools in the future? How will the world of work develop? How can we ensure everyone's participation in society? On the Education Day on Saturday, 14 September 2019, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., visitors will be able to find out about current developments and the significance of digitization for lifelong learning. 

More than 80 offers from different institutions are combined in an educational course: On the market square, in the town hall and in the Alte Kämmerei as well as in several institutions in the city area, there will be exchange, information and advice on the subject of education in the digital age.

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We present our project for digital education, the Akademie Der Avantgarde. With an ADA information desk and a workshop about Energy Harvesting we are happy to welcome you on the market place. At the NRW-Forum we build digital Lego labyrinths at the Lego Level Up-Workshop, children of the community primary school Lennéstraße present digital compositions and the composition class of the Clara Schumann music school provides our house and our exhibition with the digital, interactive sound installation "soniclink", into which visitors can connect via smartphone.

Special price: Only on the day of education can the whole family visit the NRW-Forum with a regular ticket for one adult.

Akademie der Avantgarde © NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

On the market place

11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Visit our ADA team at the info booth on the market place. The Akademie Der Avantgarde is our project for art and digital education. With the new ADA On Tour format, the ADA team will come to institutions for workshops on digital topics. Among other things, we present one of our new workshops on micro energy harvesting.

Workshop: Micro Energy Harvesting
Finding, measuring and collecting energy

Energy can be tracked down and even harvested. This is possible with sun, wind, friction and heat, but also with electronic transmission signals such as W-Lan and mobile phone radiation. Small amounts of energy from the environment are stored and converted into usable electrical energy. Concentrate on the topic of energy consumption, energy is actually everywhere. We use a measuring device to search for it, collect it and explore at what is possible with it. 

At the NRW-Forum

11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Workshops Lego Level Up!

Lego Level Up! is a workshop concept of the Cologne Game Lab (TH Köln) for children and young people that aims to promote media literacy for digital games. Among other things, labyrinths are built with analog Lego bricks, which can be explored as digital game levels.

Clara Schumann Music School

Visitors are invited to be part of a digital sound installation of Klaus Kauker's composition class using their smartphones.

Lego Level Up 2

7:00-18:30: Presentations, upper floor

"MusicDigital" - compositions on i-Pads by children of the primary school Lennéstraße

Music videos by pupils of the primary school Lennéstraße and Clara-Schumann Music School, conducted by Jakob Ebener-Holscher

LennéRoboDancers dance to their electronic compositions (2nd to 4th grade), directed by Julianne Ebener (Clara Schumann Music School)

Daily results of "MusicDigital" from the market place, Martin Zimny, Jakob Ebener-Holscher (Clara Schumann Music School)

Electronic music from the computer music studio, composition class Klaus Kauker, Christian Banasik

Interactive 3D radio play (soniclink) developed by Klaus Kauker (Grimme award winner)

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