Two real time machines

#ADA-Lecture with Harry Walter

July 6 2018

© Harry Walter

The transition from the analog to the virtual world is interspersed with numerous paradoxes. One of them is: nothing makes reality more real than the possibility of failure. Anyone who wants to create something that wants to be more real than reality must therefore distance himself as much as possible from success. This is probably the only way to save time. On the basis of two life's works that began at the same location in 1978 - a gigantic, yet unfinished model railway and a perpetual motion machine that still does not function today - the aim is to show to what extent life can become hell in an endless loop and why, in return, failure must be elevated to a virtue.

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Harry Walter is an artist, author and co-founder of the artist group ABR-Stuttgart. He has realized numerous exhibitions, projects, teaching activities, lectures and publications in the borderland between philosophy, literature and the fine arts.

© Harry Walter
© Harry Walter


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