Justine Emard, Co(AI)xistence, video installation, 12 min, 2017 © Justine Emard / Adagp 2018

Pendoran Vinci

Kunst und künstliche Intelligenz heute

June 9 – August 19 2018

What is Artificial Intelligence’s current state of development? How do we interact with AI? And what role does AI play in art? Starting June 9, 2018 the exhibition PENDORAN VINCI: Art and Artificial Intelligence Today will present compositions by international artists examining Artificial Intelligence's place in the world today. The exhibition is initiated by Leoni Spiekermann (ARTGATE Consulting) and curated by Tina Sauerlaender and Peggy Schoenegge (peer to space).


Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles (DE), Jonas Blume (DE) Justine Emard (FR), Carla Gannis (US), Sofian Audry and Erin Gee (CAN), Liat Grayver (ISR/DE), Faith Holland (US), Tuomas A. Laitinen (FI), and William Latham (UK)

Carla Gannis, Re(presented) Jan 20 [Camerawoman in Landscape], from the Non-Facial Recognition Project, digital portraits, 2011 – ongoing © the artist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a growing role in our lives. We talk to Google, Siri, or Alexa to get the weather forecast or send a message. Pattern recognition systems identify visual forms and serve facial recognition in social media or public surveillance systems. Humanoid robots facilitate daily life, welcome us in hotel lobbies, or take care of elders. AI even generated an exhibition title for us. 

At present, AI is mostly programmed to assist and serve humans rather than to create an autonomous individual like the science fiction androids C-3PO in Star Wars or Ava in Ex Machina (2015). The exhibition PENDORAN VINCI – Art and Artificial Intelligence Today points to the current stage of development of AI that forms a part of our society and affects our daily lives. The contemporary artists Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles (DE), Jonas Blume (DE), Justine Emard (FR), Carla Gannis (US), Sofian Audry & Erin Gee (CAN), Liat Grayver (ISR/DE), Faith Holland (US), Tuomas A. Laitinen (FI), and William Latham (UK) reflect on human interaction with AI and question its effects on our behavior, social structures, or customs. The artists explore how today’s AI fulfills creative tasks like the creation of artworks and develop their own artistic AI applications.

Faith Holland, Hello Barbie, video and interactive installation, 2018 © the artist
Jonas Blume, Predictive Biography, 1-channel video installation w/sound, dimensions variable, 2018 © the artist

The AI on neuronaming.net randomly generated the exhibition title PENDORAN VINCI. It evokes Leonardo Da Vinci, the Renaissance painter remembered as a homo universalis, a polymath, and an omniscient sage. In our globally networked society, all knowledge is turned into electronic data and assembled online. Who takes the mastermind's place today? AI generates, structures, and customizes big data. With AI, did we open Pendoran’s, er…, Pandora’s box

A first glimpse of the exhibition will be presented during the META Marathon, a novel technology festival of 42 hours with non-stop exhibitions, talks, performances, concerts, and workshops on the subject of Artificial Intelligence. The META Marathon, where visitors can also stay overnight, will take place from 25 to 27 May 2018 at the NRW Forum Dusseldorf.


In the context of the exhibition, ARTGATE Consulting designs events for companies at the NRW Forum Duesseldorf. Both traditional customer loyalty events as well as conferences/symposia can be realised on order. Further information: http://artgateconsulting.com/

Initiated by and in cooperation with Leoni Spiekermann (ARTGATE Consulting)

Curated by Tina Sauerlaender and Peggy Schoenegge (peer to space)

Funding Partner

This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund


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