From Gramophone to loop

Resonant spaces: Acoustic media culture. 20.12.2017

Ever since the first cave drawings, anthro-cultural history has always also been a history of visual storage media. Acoustic recordings have only been archived since the late nineteenth century. This both fundamental and extremely consequential media-historical installment has, until now, not been considered closely enough. A comprehensive study is underway, which will be presented on 1/17/2018 at 7pm at the NRW Forum

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Vom Grammophon Zum Loop
Schneider Kacirek / Foto: Caroline Lessire

Schönes Wochenende

18.1.2018, 20 Uhr

The three-day festival “Schönes Wochenende” will celebrate the biggest names in minimal music. The opening concert for the NRW Forum feature four acts at once. 

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#ADA: Go fail yourself. On the political humor of Jan Böhmermann

Lecture with Christoph Bieber

19.1.18, 18 Uhr

Christoph Bieber, professor of ethics in political management and business at the Universität Duisburg-Essen, elucidates the political humor of Jan Böhmermann in his presentation

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Next Level 2016 NRW-Forum © NRWKS / Foto: B. Babic

#ADA: Post-internet Arts Education

Lecture with Torsten Meyer 26.1.18, 18 Uhr

How should twenty-first century arts look like? The project Post-Internet Arts Education at the Institut für Kunst and Kunsttheorie at the Universität zu Köln considers the changing conditions of arts education and cultural media education on the horizon of the “internet state of mind,” formative in the education of the digital native generation. 

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#ADA: The Wow Slide Show #2: Josefine Raab

2.2.18, 18 Uhr

Up-and-coming photographers and select experts present their slides to an enthusiastic audience. The second edition of the new event format will be curated by gute-aussichten co-founder Josefine Raab.

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gute aussichten 2017/2018: Foto Rie Yamada, Familie Werden,


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