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The Akademie Der Avantgarde is on tour and will be coming to you from now on: Our E-Bike-Fabmobil is a travelling art, culture and future laboratory. We come with our mascots and tutors to schools, youth clubs and meetings for senior citizens and offer workshops for children, teenagers and adults on dates of their choice. The aim is to teach creative technologies such as coding, photography and projection mapping in a playful and artistic way. The ADA team comes with all necessary material wherever digital education is needed.

Our trainers are artists, inventors, digital experts and educators who work with us on our mission to convey art and digital culture and to create opportunities for participation that promote technical understanding and media competence. We conduct all workshops at flexible times and adapt the offers to your institution. Just get in touch with us: We would be happy to send our A-Team with a load of digital competence and lots of fun to you!

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WS 1: Light Graffiti
Photography & Painting with Light

With flashlights and a camera in a dark room, you can create the most amazing photos. You can create shapes, paint abstract creatures and even write words. In this workshop we will try out creative long-term exposures and get to know the principles of photography. We playfully deal with the functions and history of photography and develop our own image ideas. Together with the trainer, all the participants come up with motifs for their photos, put them in front of the camera and end up with a print for their home.

Duration: 2 hours
Age: from 6 years
Number of participants: 15
Costs: 100 Euro including material

WS 2: Projection Mapping
Building scenery with digital projections

In this workshop we expand reality through digital projections and create fantastic worlds for our stories. You can project images, videos and animations onto all kinds of objects, making it look like a waterfall flowing down a cup or a car driving around in a small box. To do this, however, the stands must first be digitized with special software and the image material adapted. After a brief introduction to the technology, the participants come up with their own scenarios and, together with the trainer, select material from the Internet, objects and handicrafts for their setting. Together they build a partly real, partly virtual stage set, which they fill with their own stories. At the end the whole thing is filmed.

Duration: 3 hours
Age: from 6 years
Number of participants: 15
Costs: 150 Euro including material

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WS 3: Micro energy harvesting
Finding, measuring and collecting energy

Energy can be tracked down and even harvested. This is possible with sun, wind, friction and heat, but also with electronic transmission signals such as W-Lan and mobile phone radiation. "Micro energy harvesting" means extracting very small amounts of energy from the environment, storing it and converting it into usable electrical energy. In this workshop, the participants deal with the topic of energy consumption and find out that energy is actually everywhere. They use a measuring device to search for it and collect it. Together with the trainer, they discuss, paint and then write down their results and collect them like a patent.

Duration: 3 hours
from 6 years
Number of participants: 15
Costs: 150 Euro including material

WS 4: DIY synthesizer
Electronic orchestra for young technology enthusiasts

In this workshop we build synthesizers with four independently controllable tones. The teenagers learn the right technique for soldering. After a theoretical introduction to technique and safety, they can learn soldering in practice together with the trainer and perfect their skills. If that works out well, everyone builds their own synthesizer and the electronic orchestra plays at the end.

Duration: 4 hours
from 15 years
Costs: 200 Euro including material

WS 5: Arduino for beginners
Programming and experimenting with microcontrollers

The Internet of Things is ubiquitous. Nowadays almost all physical things - whether washing machine or microwave - are networked via the Internet and can communicate with each other independently. One of the technologies that makes this possible is so-called microcontrollers. These are tiny programmable computer systems in the form of a chip that control sensors and switches, for example. An easy way to work with microcontrollers is the Arduino board. This is a circuit board on which a microcontroller, digital & analog inputs and outputs etc. are already installed. After an introduction to the history and operation of the Arduino board, the participants will learn how to program a microcontroller using a simple application such as a flashing LED light. The aim of this workshop is to teach the basics of working with an Arduino board and to enable them to carry out their first experiments.

Duration: 4 hours Age: from 10 years Number of participants: 16 Costs: 140 € including material

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WS 6: Silver Surfer Club
Useful Websites + Apps for Senior Citizens

Surf together, get to know useful apps and websites, and soon follow your grandchildren on Instagram: This workshop is aimed at seniors who want to become fit in dealing with digital media. The participants deal with social media such as Facebook and Instagram, messenger services such as WhatsApp or Internet telephony via Skype. The trainer also presents special apps for seniors. We bringt along tablets and you can also bring your own devices such as smartphones.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours, Age: 60+, Number of participants: 15 , Costs: 100 € including material

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