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Portfolio Review


February 4 2017

Perfect Storm C Nrw Forum Dusseldorf Foto B Babic19

The Portfolio Review is a public event and a platform to discuss and discover young contemporary photography. Since 2013 it offers emerging artists from all over the world the opportunity to get selected to present their work to an international panel of curators, critics and editors working in the field of art and photography.

On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Portfolio Review, a selection of artists of the past years will exhibit together in a group show at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. The exhibition will embrace the many different facets of contemporary photography, pointing to a series of current themes, topics and methods that play significant roles in the work of a young generation of artists.

Portfolio Review

exhibition 2017

The presentations are public and the images are screened with a projector offering both the specialist and general visitors of the Photo Weekend an insight into the artist’s process and methods. Besides getting exposure and feedback, the participating artists have the chance to win awards.

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