Events : Sipgate Salon #4

Sipgate Salon #4

Gaming-Trends 2017 - VR/AR, Mobile, eSport

November 2 2016

We are presenting as a Warm-up event: The sipgate salon #4, where contemporary subjects and tendencies of net culture can be discussed. The event will be taken within sipgate (Gladbacher Straße 74, Düsseldorf). The NRW-Forum is arranging regulary the event Internetstadl, which is connected to the sipgate salon #4 and will be the pre-event to the upcoming Internetstadl and Next Level 2016- Festival for Games.

Entry and drinks are free. Opening: 7pm.

 Contributing artists are: - Antonin Fourneau, artist and gaming-lecture at ENSAD in Paris(; - Sebastian Kreutz, software developer, founder of Frame6 and Holocafe Düsseldorf - Kay Bennemann, Senior Business Development Manager, Ubisoft Blue Byte - presented by Alain Bieber, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

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