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November 29 2019

Unfuck Dd Visual Gelb

Fantastic people come together with you to make the challenges of our world visible, to show suitable solutions and to implement them in our city!

What are the topics this time?

Unfuck Tourism ...with Noreen Maria Akhtar

Unfuck sexes ...with Nicole Wildgrube

Unfuck food waste ...with Viola Bärwald

Unfuck sex work ...with Pia Poppenreiter

Unfuck climate ...with Luca Samlidis

There's a lot going wrong out there right now. And the situation is getting worse. Climate change is dramatic, inequality is exploding and politicians and many companies are at a loss. 

That's why at the "Unfuck Düsseldorf" series of events at the NRW Forum we regularly meet creative people who are equally tired of the status quo and want to change things. Among other things, it is about: How can we ensure more equality? How can we rethink economic systems, corporate structures? What happens after the climate protests? And what can you learn from it or change for the better directly? 

On this evening some of these questions will be answered and discussed - about new ways of working, about patriarchy, fashion, politics, art, property, agriculture, mobility and the food system. Because the good thing is: the solutions are all already there!

After the 10-minute impulse contributions (in German), we directly enter into moderated workshops, where we tackle together and implement what we have learned with the help of Design Thinking in Düsseldorf. Everyone is welcome and the more varied the better.

How can I join in?

As long as there are cards, you can register - if you want to remain anonymous, then use fantasy data and write the date in your calendar! Admission is free, drinks are available on a donation basis. Participation is subject to the Berlin Code of Conduct.


If you are interested, if you think beyond "standard solutions", if you pursue new ideas and approaches or if you want to get to know them, then you should come! If you have any questions or would like to discuss an impulse next time, please contact us via unfuck(at) 

Where does the idea come from?

Unfuck Düsseldorf is inspired by the project "Unfuck the World", which took place for the first time in Berlin in July 2019. According to initiator Waldemar Zeiler, "unfucking something" means solving a problem. The project is based on the idea that every change begins with a small idea or a discussion!

Who is behind it?

Many great volunteers* as well as the organisers Alain Bieber and Daniel Bartel. The event is organised in their spare time and is cost-covering thanks to possible donations.

Shared suffering is half suffering!

Please share this event in your network! We have no marketing budget and we organise according to the principle of "no-branding" & "no-sponsoring". Virtual kiss!

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