Bling Bling Baby!

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Glitter, Glamour and a flirt with pop

November 19 2016 – January 15 2017

New trends in photography: the exhibition “Bling Bling Baby” will present the new, colourful world of photography. From Glam Fashion to nature poems, from the ironic representation to pop portraits – the past few years have seen the emergence of a fascinating canon of images
which celebrate the artificial and do not shy away from kitsch. The international group exhibition, curated by Nadine Barth, combines the most interesting new approaches from the field of photography, it introduces new and familiar names and carries us off to a sweet, surreal, glittering and incredibly fresh cosmos.

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Anatol Kotte
Bela Borsodi
Carolin Saage
Christto & Andrew
Daniel Sannwald
David Drebin
David LaChapelle
Esther Haase
Hassan Hajjaj
Inka & Niclas
Izima Kaoru
Jason McGlade
Kourtney Roy
Mark Kimber
Markus Henttonen
Mariano Vivanco
Martin Schoeller
Matt Henry
Maxime Ballesteros
Mike Schreiber
Miles Aldridge
Olivo Barbieri
Pierre et Gilles
Pierre Winther
Polixeni Papapetrou
Ruud van Empel
Sarah Illenberger
Sarah Malakoff
Stefano Cerio
Suresh Nataraja
Wing Shya

Be it roaring stags, alpenglow lights or sunsets – exaggeration has remained a popular form of artistic expression ever since the Romantic period. The glorification of the trivial and of sentimental exuberance has led to a particular visual vocabulary within photography. Guy

Bourdin was the first to use dazzling colours and bizarre settings for his fashion shoots.

David LaChapelle, Miles Aldridge and Pierre et Gilles successfully continued this flirt with pop. Subsequently we can identify a younger generation of artists who are employing their fantasy and the power of colours to explore the limits of this medium: the Dutch Ruud van Empel who places ideal figures in front of heavenly backgrounds, the Moroccan Hassan Hajjaj who supplements pattern-mix

hipster portraits with found objects á la Warhol, the English Jason McGlade, who arranges humans, flowers and animals on a glass scanner, the duo Christto & Andrew from Doha who design entire wall worlds with their bizarre motifs – or the Swedish couple Inka & Niclas whose kitschy rock art also includes the frame. 

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