Christian Mio Loclair: Come out and dance

Christian Mio Loclair Come out and dance 2023

March 30 – May 14 2023

wwwforum © NRW Forum Düsseldorf / Studio Christian Mio Loclair

“Come out and dance” is the first exhibition at the recently launched wwwforum – a new virtual space of the exhibition center NRW-Forum Düsseldorf.
Studio Christian Mio Loclair not only realized the first digital exhibition but also developed the architecture and space itself.

Sounddesign & Composition: Christian Losert

Implemented at the intersections of artwork, architecture and digital exhibition space for artists in residence - this new metaverse materializes the starting point of a new democratic home for the arts on a global digital stage.

wwwforum © NRW Forum Düsseldorf / Studio Christian Mio Loclair

The exhibition “Come out and dance” showcases a variety of works, visual explorations and experiments of the artist Christian Mio Loclair. The Sculpture Garden in front of the exhibition center contains new studies inspired by human movement, as the digital museum itself exhibits new digital replicas of existing artworks about Generative Art and Artificial Intelligence. 

The newly founded wwwforum is a space inviting us to stay, listen, discuss and investigate the question about time and memories on the internet. A surreal scenery between naive play and melancholic drama.

wwwforum © NRW Forum Düsseldorf / Studio Christian Mio Loclair
Christian Mio Loclair

Christian Mio Loclair works at the interface of artistic and scientific research. Using custom algorithms, data and digital devices, Loclair creates sculptures, video works and installations to continuously portray the aesthetics and frictions of both human and digital identity. On the one hand, his works examine the creative and societal potential of artificial intelligence, while, on the other hand, they reflect on the only supposedly opposing myth of man and machine.

In his practice, he combines and reflects his expertise and experience as a computer scientist, visual artist and choreographer.

Loclair studied computer science at the University of Potsdam and at the Hasso Plattner Institute, specialized in media technology. He lives and works in Berlin.

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