Die Grosse

08 DIEGROSSE Stimmung Eröffnung

Kunstausstellung NRW 2020/2021

June 20 – July 25 2021

Since as early as 1902, the association “Verein zur Veranstaltung von Kunstausstellungen e.V.” provides a unique platform for exchange to artists, art enthusiasts and buyers.

What is also special is that works can be purchased directly from the presentation. Each year, participating artists are selected by a different jury. The exhibition presents works from the fields of painting, photography, graphic art, sculpture, installation and video art. It is accompanied by events such as “Donnerhall”, Sunday matinees and DIE GROSSE SAUSE, a great party for all art lovers.

Opening: Saturday, 19.6.2021 from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Partners Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Otto Beisheim Stiftung Hoffmann Liebs Max Brown Midtown CCS