.ftlbr #3

Ralf Brueck Fltbr

Ralf Brueck

June 25 – August 21 2016

The third show of the new exhibition format .ftlbr will showcase Ralf Brueck, a young representative of the Düsseldorf School of Photography. Besides works from his series "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft“ [German American Friendship], in which the Düsseldorf School meets influences from New Color Photography, the exhibition will also show new cycles of works that are concerned with digital manipulation.

The exhibition is curated by Ralph Goertz created in cooperation with the IKS – Institut für Kunstdokumentation [the Institute for Art Documentation].

Ralf Brueck ranks among those representatives of the Düsseldorf School of Photography who, on one hand, studied under Bernd Becher and, on the other hand, learned visual language from the "first generation": For example Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth or Candida Höfer. The series "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft“ (DAF) forms the basis of this exhibition. Artistically, in this series, Ralf Brueck echoed not only the work of the exponents of New Color Photography but also the American photographs by Thomas Struth or Joachim Brohm. Apart from the DAF series, there will also be new photographs from the "Distortion" and "Dekonstruktion“ series on view. They critically examine the medium through their deliberate manipulations and digital editing.

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