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Monika Stricker – Crawler, Flicker, Pierrot

June 20 – July 25 2021

Portrait Monika Stricker 1

At NRW-Forum the artist Monika Stricker (*1978), winner of the Landsberg Prize in 2020, is showing a selection of her latest paintings as well as a projection.

Her works delves in-depth into the anatomy of the human body and its sexual function. The artist, who thus far has primarily worked as a sculptor, uses painting and projection as additional media with which she explores routes of access to physical experiences. Stricker’s pictures exude an intense sensuality which is at the same time fuzzy and disturbing. The artist completed her studies with Rita McBride in 2005. She lives and works in Brussels.

Exhibition opening: Saturday, 19.6.2021 from 4 to 10 p.m.

The Düsseldorf entrepreneur Georg Landsberg, who initiated and funds the annual art award, has had friendly ties with the Kunstpalast for many years.

Since 2019, Landsberg and a jury of experts have awarded the prize to artists who graduated from the Düsseldorf Academy of Art at least 10 years ago. The Landsberg Prize supports and pays tribute to artists who are characterised by a distinctly autonomous artistic position.

Grotta, 2021, 40x50cm, Öl auf Leinwand © courtesy Monika Stricker / Clages, Köln, dépendance, Brüssel, Foto: Monika Stricker

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