Erik Kessels

ECAL / Jean-Vincent Simonet Embarrassment Show © ECAL/ Jean-Vincent Simonet

Erik Kessels & students of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne

November 20 2015 – January 10 2016

.ftlbr ist the new exhibition format on the upper floor, which presents jung photographic and experiemental positions. It is thought to be a photo lab and a stage for young artists. In the first edition Erik Kessels, creative director of the agency KesselsKramer, explores with students of the ECAl/University of Art and Design Lausanne, what becomes possible if you dare to blame yourself.

Embarrassment Show © ECAL/Jean-Vincent Simonet

The basic idea oft he project is: Embarrassment is important. If you’re not willing to humiliate yourself and make mistakes, you won’t make progress and rest in your safe zone. For the Embarrassment Show Kessels requests the students in their second academic year to explore their limits, to embarrasse themselves, to checkout their possibilities and to tell a personal and risky story.


Zoé Aubry
Gianni Camporota
Aruna Canevascini
Diane Deschenaux
Elsa Guillet
Hadrien Häner
Tanya Kottler
Quentin Lacombe
Clément Lambelet
Valentina Triet

Andreas Lumineau
Calypso Mahieu
Matheline Marmy
Stéphane Mocan
Gregory Monnerat
Jules Moskovtchenko
Imara Patern o'Castello
Angélique Stehli
Purithat Thongphubal
Marine Vallotton

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