Uncertain States Scandinavia

Uncertain States Scandinavia / Photo Credit: Tor S Ulstein

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend

March 8 – March 10 2019

A bundled stack of newspapers lies on a white background Uncertain States Scandinavia Issue 01 / Photo Credit: Tor S Ulstein

Since its founding in 2016 in Oslo the artist collective Uncertain States Scandinavia quarterly publishes a bilingual broadsheet newspaper in Norwegian and English, with each issue being dedicated to a specifc topic. The publications are accompanied by talks, presentations and exhibitions.

On the occasion of Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2019 Uncertain States Scandinavia are releasing their newest issue 09. In an exhibition at the NRW-Forum they showcase contemporary portaits from ten Scandinavian photographers.

Several portrait photos hang on a black and a white wall in the NRW Forum Uncertain States Scandinavia / Photo Credit: Tor S Ulstein
A large photo of a person hangs on a white wall and in front of it is a stack of newspapers Uncertain States Scandinavia / Photo Credit: Tor S Ulstein


Christian Nilson (SE)
Dan Frisk Petersen (DK)
Hulda Sif Ásmundsdóttir (ISL)
Katharina Barbosa Blad (NO)
Kine Michelle Bruniera (NO)
Linda Hansen (DK)

Lærke Posselt (DK)

Mats Bakken (NO)

Thom Bridge (SE/UK)

Tonje Bøe Birkeland (NO)

With different photographic narrative strategies the selected bodies of works question personal and socio-cultural constructions of gender and identity, and challenge existing viewing patterns.

The exhibition is curated and coordinated by Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød, Tor Simen Ulstein, Charlie Fjätström and Deborah R. Eisinger

In 2009, Uncertain States was founded by the artists Fiona Yaron-Field, David George and Spencer Rowell in London, England. In its basic idea, Uncertain States promotes lens-based art and nurtures a growing independent community that is not only increasingly joined by artists, but also by writers and scientists, who all share the same ethos: to strive for a future-oriented, constructive examination of social conditions and their developments, to reflect on core elements of social and political concerns and, in particular, to question as well as to challenge how perceptions are formed in society based on the medium of photography.

It was in 2016 when – under the direction of Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød, Tor Simen Ulstein and Charlie Fjätström – an Nordic offspring came into realisation in Oslo, Norway with: Uncertain States Scandinavia.

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