FAQ AR Biennale

1. What is the AR Biennale?

The AR Biennale is a digital art exhibition that takes place in the Ehrenhof and Hofgarten in Düsseldorf. Ten augmented reality artworks by international artists can be discovered while walking around this area. You can use the app’s scan function to read the signs and view the AR works.

2. What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is a technology that enhances reality with digital elements. These digital elements can be viewed in the real world via a smartphone or tablet screen. Reality merges with its digital extension.

3. Can I only view the AR artworks once?

No, once you have paid for the app, you can view all the works as often as you want for as long as the app is active (14/05/2023–29/10/2023). All you have to do is scan the sign for the work again each time you want to see it.

4. Can I look at individual works?

Yes, each AR work can be experienced individually. The app shows you which works you have already seen, and which are still waiting to be discovered.

5. How long does it take to walk around the AR Biennale?

You should allow 60–90 minutes to see all the works. But you can come back as many times as you like and you don’t have to see everything in one go.

6. Do I need an internet connection to view the AR Biennale?

No, the app works without an active internet connection. Once the app has been fully downloaded to your device and opened for the first time, it no longer requires an internet connection.

It’s best to be connected to Wi-Fi when downloading the app, otherwise it will use a lot of your mobile data.

7. Which devices and operating systems can I use to view the AR Biennale?

The AR Biennale can be downloaded using an Android device or iPhone. Please check whether your smartphone is compatible with the app first.

The following operating systems support AR:

Android version 8.X or later

iOS version 12.X or later

8. I can’t see an artwork. What can I do?

In order to see an AR artwork, you need to scan the sign. Each AR work has its own sign.

To scan the sign, point your device at the sign so that the outer frame of the image fits into the frame on your device.

If you still cannot see the AR work, close the app and reopen it. Check that your device and operating system support AR.

9. Can I view the artworks from home too?

No, the AR artworks can only be viewed in the Hofgarten and Ehrenhof in Düsseldorf. You can use the app to take photos and videos of your experience If you want memories to enjoy at home.

In addition to the app, there is also a mobile AR experience that works via your web browser.

Check out our website (link). Click on the link and you can see and interact with the additional AR artwork from anywhere.

10. How can I take photos or videos of the artworks?

Once the work appears on the device, you can create photos or videos using the round button. These will be automatically saved on your device.

11. Why isn’t the AR Biennale app compatible with my device?

The AR Biennale uses augmented reality functions for the artworks. There are Android or Apple models that do not support AR functions. If you have one of these devices, the app will not work.

12. How can I find out more about the artworks?

You will find a short text about each work in the app. If you want to learn more about the exhibition, you can take part in a guided tour or a workshop. On the NRW-Forum website you can find the complete accompanying programme for the AR Biennale, which caters for a variety of different audiences.

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