Events : Die Fotografie ist tot

Die Fotografie ist tot

– es lebe die Fotografie!

October 11 2017

24Hrs Of Photos © Erik Kessels


Erik Kessels, artist
Jörg Uhlenbrock, Head of Fotokultur Marketing CEWE
Dr. Ulrike Lehmann, art training
Johannes Steger, editor of Handelsblatt
Moderation: Alain Bieber, Artistic Director NRW-Forum Düsseldorf


The technique of photography has rapidly developed: from heliography 
in 1826 to ever improving methods like the filmroll, from the digital camera
up to the integration into the smartphone. New developments have also brought new opportunities and changes in art, business, society and the media. Smartphone photography has led to an unimaginable mass of photos, which is re-energized by the spreading over the Internet. Through social media, it has taken over a new role in communication and media. The mass of images seems to overwhelm us and
overwhelm our perception, therefore a loss of meaning in photography is looming.

Is the photography that carries value, meaning and truth dead?

How do the photo experts from the art, business and media look at this today? What are the possibilities and potentials of these developments and what are the challenges of this massive use and distribution?

Erik Kessels works as an artist with existing analog and digital photographs; has become a collector, curator and artist.

CEWE, Europe's leading photoservice for commercial and online printing partner; creating photobooks,murals and focuses on the personal, haptic experience.

Dr. Ulrike Lehmann, Art Coach, brings together business and art and believes in the growing importance of dealing with images as a source of creativity for our society.

Johannes Steger from the Handelsblatt, reveals the tendencies he sees in the use of photography in the media.

We are looking forward to a lively discussion, moderated by the photo and media expert Alain Bieber, artistic director of the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf.

Admission is free.

The fact that photography is still alive in the eye of each individual, can spark the brain and be means of knowledge can be experienced in The Wow Slide Show #1: Erik Kessels.

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