Textile Pop Hsniederrhein

TextilePop_Europeans together in SUSTAINABLE design / engineering / management

Duration: 25/5.-23/6/2019
Opening: 24/5., 7 p.m.
Press preview: 23/5., 11 a.m.

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TextilePop is a collaboration with NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Hochschule Niederrhein – University of Applied Sciences and European Guests, which shows all of the possible textile fields of competence in Design / Engineering / Management with focus on SUSTAINABILITY. Four exposition spaces are created in cooperation with edi - exhibition design institute (Hochschule Düsseldorf).

In addition, TextilePop tries to sketch and to research innovative tools of education programs for school and applied solutions for the industry in a non-hierarchical format: from school to university, to the circular industry management.

The exposition and exclusive cross-cultural workshops takes place in the week of the election of European Parliament 2019. The Expo TextilePop, guided tours and interaction playground for children, a textile maker space and design-thinking workshops are an ambitious addition to mediate smart and sustainable solutions for the post digital area.

The four Exposition-Spaces of TextilePop are: 

Light up cultural spaces
Next Material
Save the future
Design is Design - Europeans united

Space I deals on the one hand with textile lighting solutions, on the other hand it shows designs that deal with the textile cultural heritage, e.g. the Bauhaus, or the heritage of the textile industrial buildings in NRW and Manchester (UK), Borås (Sweden) and interconnects them. Space II is dedicated to unique material innovations in the sustainability sector not only in the area of shoe or bikini design and plays with unusual materials such as Myzel and Ramee or bionic structures. Space III shows sustainable management solutions for the post digital industry while Space IV experiments with synaesthetic elements in order to inspire the young generation with the help of sustainable designs of children's outfits to think about resilience at an earlier point in time than before. Guests from UK, Royal College of Art, London and from Sweden will show their perspective on sustainable solutions with cross- cultural views.

The strong European statement of all participants: students, alumni, teachers and experts, will express the demand and the willingness of a sustainable, non-hierarchical and well connected „togetherness“ (R. Sennett). Diversity is demonstrated in a colourful unit and passionated engagement for our sustainable „post digital generation“. Let’ s work and think together next education areas, learning landscapes of the future for Europe.

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Design Franziska Poddig, Gender Embracing, Foto Poddig


Julia Nikoleisen, Design, Shiborai, Foto Ruth Plein


Anna Droemont, Lyon Inspired, Stephanie Lieske Foto


Hoschule Niederrhein, Ovium Wear, The Eco Miracle


Corinna Marmetschke, Evgenia Guliev, Mesh Room Materialprobe


Spiel Satz Sieg, Tanja Haunreiter


Julia Scheele, Sitzsack aus Segel, Space Iiinext Material




Victoria Gebhart, Design, Pulli Europakind, Space, Design Is Music


Anna Droemont, With All Senses, Fotografie Stephanie Lieske


Franziska Poddig, Neu Verbunden, Krefeld, Space Ilight Up Culture



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