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Create animated films, virtual worlds or a digital book: In various workshops children and young people between 8 and 12 years of age can discover the creative possibilities of digital technologies from 25.5.2020.

Together with Haba Digitalwerkstatt, NRW-Forum has developed interactive live webinars to show children and young people what can be experienced and created in virtual worlds of art. Participation is free of charge. The project is supported by the Beisheim Foundation.

More information will be available here soon!

For the participation in a workshop or lecture you get a certificate and a badge and with four certificates a diploma. The Avantgarde Academy is anything but a classical educational institution: ADA is young, participative, digital, creative. ADA is not a school, but a new movement in which everyone can participate. Once a year exhibition presents projects and works that have been created in the academy.

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Paint brush instead of watercolor pencils, VR workshop instead of handicrafts with Fimo: With the Akademie der Avantgarde, we have launched a project for art education and digital education that has its finger on the pulse of the times. ADA offers free lectures and workshops on photography, pop and digital culture. We want visitors to follow us, especially in the fields of media literacy, digital education and new technologies. It is about knowledge transfer, active participation and a critical approach to modern cultural technology. But ADA is also an educational programme that is fun, where new friendships emerge and where, at best, perhaps even new projects grow out of. Everyone can play an active part, any age is welcome!

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Ada on Tour

In the near future, the ADA team of the NRW-Forum will also come to you, to school, to hospital, to the senior citizens' home, to the kindergarten, to the youth centre. The mediation team brings workshops & equipment and a digital education offensive to the city.

All Workshops can be found here

The Academy emerges from a series of previous events and collaborations such as the series "1UP - The Live Magazine for Ideas" or "Internetstadl - The Funny IRL Festival of Net Culture". With the Digitalwerkstatt, we offered 2017 programming classes for children and have been working closely with the University of Cologne since 2018 as part of the "Post-Internet Arts Education" project.

The Akademie der Avantgarde is made possible with the support of the Prof. Otto Beisheim foundation and in cooperation with Musenkuss Düsseldorf.


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